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Jan 21, 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at the home of Steve Quinn. Board members present: Duane Carolus, Ed Tworek, Tom Herfordt, Torri Pantaleon, Steve Quinn, Bob Knowles, and Dave Dye. Absent: Joe Beninato and Dave Banghart. Also present: Phil Schenck and Duke Burgess.
  1. Draft Advisory Committee Presentation - Representing the Draft Advisory Committee were Dave Dye (facilitator), Phil Schenck and Duke Burgess. As part of his duties as the Director of Player Personnel, Dave Dye has assembled the Draft Advisory Committee. Their purpose is to develop a procedure for conducting future composite drafts (initial drafts) and subsequent (spring/fall) drafts thereafter until the next composite draft. Dave, Phil and Duke presented to the Board of Directors with their meeting discussion and recommendations. The text of this presentation can be viewed on a separate link on the Nebraska Senior Softball website.
  2. Status of Managers- Duane has communicated with all the Managers for the 2009 Summer League. All, with the exception of Mike Reed, will return. Jim Price from the Marlins has expressed a desire to take over the duties of Marlins Manager. He has expressed that he will be seeking the advice and help from the Board of Directors and other knowledgeable Manager/Players for assistance with drafting for his team, and the policies of Nebraska Senior Softball. Duane Carolus has recommended Bill Smuck (to Jim) as a valuable resource of information. Charlie Marcinek has also volunteered to assist Jim as a Co-Manager.
  3. Financial Report - Ed Tworek reported that he has made some modifications to the 2010 proposed budget. Due to an increase in our current balance, Ed has added funds to the Publicity and Recruiting budgets. He also has budgeted for a $2 increase in Umpire fees per the Board discussion from the last meeting. However, this increase has not been yet approved by the Board. The current proposed budget of $5,860 for Umpire fees is the largest expense in the budget with Playing Facility expenses right behind them at $5,520. Ed feels that increasing Umpire Fees at this time would be pre-mature.
  4. Survey Results - Dave Dye reported the final results for the Surveys that were presented to Players in December (7 question survey) and January (Playing site preference). There were 142 players surveyed. The December survey had 90 responses (63.38%) and the January survey had 91 responses (64.09%). Survey results can be viewed on a separate link on the Nebraska Senior Softball website. Based on the survey results the Board of Directors made the following considerations:
    • Allow Senior Bats - (e.g Ultra II, etc) for 70 and older players tested in the 2009 Fall: Based on a favorable response, the Board has adopted the continuation of this policy for Nebraska Senior Softball.
    • Borrowing Catcher (from opponent when short player or players) tested in the 2009 Fall: Based on a favorable response, the Board has adopted the continuation of this policy for Nebraska Senior Softball.
    • 11th Defensive Fielder - Not previously tried: Based on an un-favorable response, the Board will NOT adopt this policy for Nebraska Senior Softball.
    • Re-Draft (how often) - Based on the highest response rate of 48.8%, the Board has proposed to remain with the current 3 year full draft.
    • Two Equal Divisions - There was only a 5% margin of difference in the responses. The Board has elected to table the final decision on this pending the total number of registrations received and number of teams established for the Summer 2010 season.
    • Longer Summer/Shorter Fall - Based on an un-favorable response, the Board will NOT adopt a change in schedule. Nebraska Senior Softball will remain with their current scheduling.
    • Playing Site Facility - NP Dodge or Council Bluffs Recreation Complex: In the initial survey, the results were tied 50/50. It was proposed to send a supplemental survey to all players providing detail information about both proposed sites; NP Dodge Park and Council Bluffs Recreation Complex and an option to vote on a later starting time. Final results of the supplemental survey gave a favorable response to move to the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex and start first games at 6:30 pm. Based on these favorable response rates, a motion was made by Steve Quinn and second by Bob Knowles to move Nebraska Senior Softball to play at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex and first games will start at 6:30 pm. Additional discussion included the possibility of signing a longer term (3 year) agreement with the Recreation Complex to lock in our fees. This will be discussed with their personnel. The motion carried unanimously.
  5. Pitch Arc - Continuing the discussion from the last Board meeting regarding the proposed ASA rule change of the Pitch Arc. ASA will be changing the Pitch Arc from 6’-12’ to 6’-10’. Duane Carolus stated that his feeling is to go with the ASA rule change. Ed Tworek stated the pros of each. The pros of the 6’-12’ arc is that at this time the Tournament Teams which generally uses SPA rules still would be using the 6’-12’ arc. Players would not have to make the adjustment between regular league play and tournament play. There is a safety factor to consider. A pitch with a 12’ arc will take a little bit longer time to get to the plate, thus allowing the pitcher to get into a defensive stand. The pros of going with the 10’ arc pitch means we would be staying compliant with the ASA rule. The concern is mainly for safety. A lower arc pitch would reach the plate quicker, and possibly put pitchers in harm’s way of a ball being hit hard back up the middle. If the League considers following the ASA rule change, it was suggested that the wording in the rules be changed to read A pitching screen is strongly recommended for use by the pitcher. Bob Knowles stated the other sanctions (SPA, USSSA, & Senior Softball USA) are also considering the pitch arc change, and he has great concern for the safety of pitchers. He is in agreement with a wording change in the rules. Dave Dye is in favor of staying with last year’s ASA rule and keep the pitch arc at 12’. It is believed that SPA will be reviewing the pitch arc change at their National meeting next month. It was agreed by all present, to table a final decision on this matter until after that meeting and we learn what SPA’s final decision will be.
  6. Umpire Fees - Continuing the discussion from the last Board meeting regarding umpires and fees. Duane Carolus stated that as a recreation league, 1 umpire per game is sufficient for Nebraska Senior Softball. He did report based on discussions with Kevin, most leagues will be increasing their umpire fees to $24 per game for 1 umpire. Ed Tworek reported that prior to 2008 our umpire fees were $20 per game. In 2008, due to the drastically rising gas prices the League agreed to increase the fees to $22. He feels that we should wait 1 more year before considering increasing our umpire fees. Bob Knowles reported that Leagues that use 2 umpires generally pay $18 per umpire, thus resulting in a cost of $36 per game if Nebraska Senior Softball chose to use 2 umpires per game. This would drastically increase our umpire expenses for the year. Duane suggested for consideration an idea he learned from a New Jersey League. The league uses their own players as umpires (unpaid). Teams who are not scheduled to play at specific times would supply the umpires for those games. Tom Herfordt suggested that we maintain the 1 sanctioned umpire behind the plate, but teams not playing provide a volunteer field umpire. Both of the suggestions were quickly dismissed as most thought that this would create a conflict of interest for all teams. At this time the Board agreed to continue with using 1 umpire per game, and paying the current fee of $22 per game.
  7. Open House - Steve Quinn has been waiting for a final decision on where Nebraska Senior Softball would be playing for the 2010 Summer before finalizing details of the Open House. Since we now have determined that we will be playing at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex, he can make note of that on the informational flyers he will be creating. It was agreed that the Open House date should be set prior to the final registration deadline date (4/1) in order to have enough time to receive proper registration forms and payments from any new players prior to developing the Spring draft. The date will be Saturday, March 20 (afternoon) at the same location as last year, Route 66 at 72nd & Q St. It was also suggested in an effort to get as many interested new players to attend the Open House and sign up for Nebraska Senior Softball, any registration of a new player submitted and paid on the day of the Open House will receive a $10 discount from their registration fee. This discount will only apply to the day of the Open House and new registrations only. Steve also suggested that we consider having another Nebraska Senior Softball night out at the Royals. This will be the last year that they will be playing at Rosenblatt Stadium. Feedback from last year’s event was extremely positive, and the Royals organization and Rosenblatt were appreciative of our attendance. Steve will try to work out details for an evening early in the season, so that we can again set up an information booth and recruit new players (specifically in time for the 2010 Fall season).
  8. Advertising - In an effort to get more bang for our buck with advertising expenses the discussion centered on media sources that generate as much interest as possible. Torri Pantaleon and Steve Quinn will research costs of radio advertising, taking into consideration costs and the demographic areas (50+) where we want to focus. Ed Tworek asked if we have pursued our current website advertisers and solicited another year of advertising dollars from them. It was suggested that maybe we could consider creating a Nebraska Senior Softball Banner (with contact information) and hang it at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex. Dave Dye will follow up with the Parks manager there, to see if it is allowable. Previously there has been much discussion about running an advertisement in the Omaha World Herald. Sunday ads can get pretty expensive with the OWH. It was suggested to also advertise in the Council Bluffs Nonpareil. They have a wide circulation in Western Iowa, and it is thought we could reach a large number of interested people using this media source. Other suggestions were to contact the Omaha World Herald and the local news stations to submit a human interest story; this would not cost us anything. Dave Dye mentioned that 2 of our largest recruiting classes were in 2005 & 2009. We should determine what we did then to create so much interest in Nebraska Senior Softball, and repeat.
  9. Registration - Registration dates have been confirmed by the Board of Directors. Registration will begin 2/1/10 and End 3/15/10 for returning players and 4/1/10 for new registrations. Registrations from returning players received after 3/15/10 will be assessed a $25 late fee. ANY registrations received after 4/1/10 will be accepted but those players will be assigned as Pool players and assigned to a team as needed. As a Pool player, the league member will have first chance to play as a replacement player in the first available game each scheduled night in order to give them playing time. Once a Pool player has been allowed to play in one game he can then go into the regular draw if replacement players are needed for any later games that evening. Tom Herfordt will have the 2010 Summer registration form posted to the website on or before 2/1/10. Registrations costs will be same as 2009; $70 for returning player, and $95 for new or returning players electing to go into the draft.
  10. 2010 Summer League Dates - Based on the response to Q6 on the survey sent to players in the December, the overall majority of responses indicated they do not want a longer summer/shorter fall season. Torri Pantaleon made a motion and was 2nd by Dave Dye for the following dates for 2010 Summer season: Start Mon. 4/26/10. End Wed. 7/21/10 (24 playing dates excluding Holidays on Mondays, May 31 & July 5) The motion carried unanimously. The proposed dates for the 2010 Fall Season: Start Mon. 8/9/10. End Wed. 10/13/10.
  11. Injury Update - Duane Carolus reported on the injury of the following players:
    • Ron Krantz - Knee Injury
    • Phil Eberhard - Torn Rotator Cuff (questionable)
    • Mike Reed - Shoulder problem (surgery questionable). Possibly not available until mid-summer season. Will consider bring him in as a pool player if he is available at that time.
    • Charlie Marcinek - Achilles problem wants and plans to play as long as possible
    • Bob Knowles - Knee Surgery (will be available for Summer season)
    • Bill Smuck - Knee Surgery (planning to play Summer season)
    • Larry Koenig - Foot/Ankle surgery (status unknown at this time)
  12. Draft Help Issues - The Board of Director members are encouraged to provide as much help and support to any new or less experienced Managers at this year’s Draft. Their knowledge of the League and players will be a great resource to those who may seek their assistance.
The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 4, location to be confirmed at a later date.
The Meeting was adjourned at 9:45.
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Mar 4, 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at Pizza Gourmet. Board members present: Duane Carolus, Ed Tworek, Tom Herfordt, Torri Pantaleon, Steve Quinn, Bob Knowles, and Dave Dye. Absent: Joe Beninato and Dave Banghart.
  1. Open House - Steve Quinn reported that he has set up two Nebraska Senior Softball Open House events. On Saturday, March 20th from 1 to 4 pm at Route 66 Pub and Grub, 5413 S 72nd Street, Omaha; and Saturday, March 27th from 1 to 4 pm at Jack Daddy’s Bar and Grill, 24th St. Exit (2 blks north of I-80), Council Bluffs. Steve is looking for Door Prize donations and volunteers to help. League members are encouraged to attend and wear their League jerseys. This will help identify our members, and will also give those attending who are interested in our League a chance to talk directly with current members. Ed Tworek received a list from MOS of possible new candidates who meet the age requirement. Steve will use this list to send out a New Player invitation letter and both flyers to possible candidates. Steve was also pleased that he heard from current players requesting flyers to distribute. We are hoping to boost our recruitment this year with both the Open House events, and these letters of invitation. Dave Dye reported that he has contacted 5 local newspapers with a proposed human interest story about Nebraska Senior Softball. He will try to get these newspapers to print the story, with mention of the Open House events.
  2. Financial Report - There are currently no changes to the financial report as reported at the last meeting. All outstanding expenses have been paid in full. Duane Carolus presented Ed with the bill of $599 for the League Insurance for the current year. This is an increase from last year. Ed will discuss the increase with Phil Schenck (our agent), and make full payment by the due date of April 1, 2010.
  3. Registration - Tom Herfordt reported as of today (3/4/10) we have received 63 registrations for the 2010 Summer League. Duane Carolus will be sending a League wide e-mail reminding everyone of the 3/15/10 registration deadline for current League members. Don’t forget guys - Registrations postmarked after March 15 will be assessed a $25 late fee. Get your registration in now.
  4. Recruitment - As stated in the Open House discussion, Ed Tworek has received a list from MOS of age eligible players that we will contact for recruitment to Nebraska Senior Softball. This list provides mailing address and phone number for all individuals (a few also include e-mail address). We are looking for volunteers to make follow-up calls to the people.
  5. Radio Advertising Spot - Torri has finalized the radio advertising spot. He reported that 1620 The Zone would cost $30 for a morning spot and $40 for an afternoon spot. KFAB costs would be $80 for the AM drive and $50 for the afternoon/evening. Torri’s recommendation would be to go with 1620 The Zone for the week prior to the Open House in Omaha. Unfortunately due to March Madness and the start of the NCAA Basketball tournament, they could not gives us air time for the full week, only Monday thru Wednesday. We currently have allocated $500 for Advertising/Publicity/Recruitment in the 2010 Operating Budget. A motion was made by Bob Knowles and second by Dave Dye: Run radio spots on 1620 The Zone on Monday (3/15) thru Wednesday (3/17) both AM and PM; then on KFAB on Thursday (3/18) & Friday (3/19) both AM and PM. The total cost for all radio spots would be $470. We can hit both listening groups during the week prior to the Open House and still stay within the budget. The motion carried by a unanimous vote of all members present.
  6. Draft Update - Dave Dye reported that the Draft Advisory Committee cannot draw up a draft sequence for the 2010 Summer season at this time. Until all registrations have been received we do not know the total number of players who will be in the draft. Once registration has closed he hopes to meet with the Committee to have a proposed draft outlined for a meeting the first week of April. A follow-up meeting with the Managers would then be scheduled 2 or 3 days later.
  7. Umpire Status & Fees - After the January 21, 2010 meeting there was some concerns expressed to the Board of Directors regarding the issue of the umpire fees, and what the Board had agreed to for the 2010 season. Dave Banghart, in an e-mail to the Board of Directors, proposed that they (Board of Directors) consider formulating a list of 10 to 12 pre-selected very good umpires and send a personal letter inviting them to complete a NSS Umpire Registration Form to officiate NSS games for the 2010 season at a rate of $26.00 per game. Although a number of Board members were not in favor of this proposal, Duane asked Dave to inquire as to the interest level of some candidates that Dave Banghart had in mind (umpires that he has contracted and used for the NHCS Challenge tournaments in past years). He (Dave B.) proceeded to send out a letter of invitation, including an Umpire Registration Form. The letter outlined the goals of NSS to acquire and establish a team of well-qualified, experienced and dependable umpires to officiate NSS games. The letter also stated that we, (NSS) were willing to pay a premium rate of $26.00 ($4 more than was previously agreed to by the Board) per game, to acquire good umpires who would meet our expectations of top-officiating for the best interest of all players in our league. Dave B. reported back to the board (via e-mail) that six of the selected umpires expressed their desire to officiate our games in Council Bluffs this season and have completed and submitted the NSS Umpire Registration Form.
    The Board of Directors present at this evening’s meeting reviewed the letter, registration form, and proposed Umpire Candidate and tentative schedule that Dave B. sent back. They discussed the fee of $26.00 which Dave quoted in his invitation letter. There was considerable concern that this was a $4 increase from the $22 that we currently pay our umpires (which are arranged by Kevin Vann), and agreed upon by Board members present at the January 21 meeting. A motion was made by Ed Tworek and second by Bob Knowles to accept Dave’s proposal but reduce the fee to $24.00 per game. Further discussion included concerns of reducing the offer that was originally outlined in Dave’s letter of invitation. This could cause a serious negative effect to the credibility of Nebraska Senior Softball with those candidates accepting the original offer, as well as other umpires within the softball community. A vote was taken by those Board members present: by a vote of 2 in favor of the motion as stated and 3 opposed, the motion was defeated. A 2nd motion was made by Torri Pantaleon to accept Dave’s proposal as is pre-selected umpires at a rate of $26.00 per game. There was no second to the motion and it died.
    The discussion continued there was concern that although Dave was working under a limited amount of time; he acted as a sole representative of the Board of Directors and prematurely sent out the letters of invitation without the majority approval from the other Board members. The issue of umpire fees had been discussed and agreed upon at the previous Board meeting by members present at that time. A 3rd motion on the matter was made by Dave Dye and second by Tom Herfordt: Go forward with the agreed upon decision from the January 21 Board meeting - Continue using 1 umpire per game at the current fee of $22.00 per game. Kevin Vann would continue with the assignment of umpires for Nebraska Senior Softball for the 2010 Summer Season. The motion carried by a unanimous vote of all members present.
  8. Disciplinary Action For Ejection - What follow-up disciplinary action should be taken for players ejected from the game? Should the ejection be for the current game only, or should there be consideration for a current game plus one. The first question - What would constitute an ejection? This is something where the league should be policing themselves. Ed Tworek recommended that managers should be responsible for disciplinary action of their own players. However it was discussed that managers may not act in a uniform manner. In the case of major infractions, where the umpire ejects a player for whatever reason, the league should show support of the manager for whatever disciplinary action they choose. Dave Dye suggested that this matter be tabled at this time and be discussed with the managers prior to the beginning of the season.
  9. Survey Monkey - Ed Tworek reported to the Board members present that he has found a website to use as a future survey tool. The website is Survey Monkey, he has reviewed the website and found that a basic minimal survey can be developed and used at no cost. The website has the ability to tabulate and provide a running total of survey results. The basic option allows for simple yes/no options, but is not designed for complicated issues. It was suggested that this website could be used as a tool of communication for Board Members and Team Managers when quick decisions need to be made, thus would not require establishing a meeting to discuss the issue. Ed Tworek and Dave Dye will look further at the website and determine if it can meet the needs of our League.
  10. Pitch Arc - It has been confirmed that ASA will be changing the Pitch Arc to 6-10 feet for the 2010 season. However, it was also noted that SPA & SSUSA have no intention of changing to the 10’ maximum on the arc, and will remain using the current 6-12 foot arc. A motion was made by Ed Tworek and second by Torri Pantaleon to amend the ASA rule for NSS use and remain with the 6-12 foot arc as was used last year. The motion carried forward with 4 in favor and 1 abstaining.
  11. Divisions Within League - Our current registration numbers are still too low to make a final decision on separating the league into divisions. Discussion has been tabled until the next meeting, at which time we will know the final registration number for the 2010 Summer season.
  12. Board Memeber Items -
    • Dave Dye - reported that he sent an article about Nebraska Senior Softball to the World Herald. Although he has not seen the article printed in any recent edition. He noticed that in the 2/28 Sunday edition there was a small square advertisement of our League. He has also sent the same article the Daily Nonpareil (Council Bluffs), Fremont Tribune, Blair Enterprise and the Plattsmouth Journal. He will be following up with them in the next week to inquire of the interest to run the article. Dave has also contacted some former players who are no longer in the League. It seems the majority of them indicated that they have not returned simply due to injury. Most thought the League was running fine, although 2 mentioned that it was getting a little too political. A few have even mentioned the thought of coming back.
    • Tom Herfordt - brought up the issue of where NSS will be playing for the Fall 2010 season. It appears that most everyone assumed the entire 2010 season would be played at the Council Bluffs Complex. Dave Dye will confirm with the parks department at Council Bluffs if we will be able to play the Fall season there. Also we will discuss with Metro Omaha Softball as to the availability for us to play the Fall season at Seymour Smith as we have done in previous years.
    • Bob Knowles & Ed Tworek - Would like the Board and League look into the idea of either building or purchasing portable scoreboards. While at a tournament in Minnesota the previous week, they saw what was being used there. This is a slightly small score board which folds up and easier to carry and store. Ed Tworek will look into the matter further to get an idea of proper design and cost.
A short Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 5, after practice to review total registrations for the 2010 Summer Season.
The Meeting was adjourned at 9:40.
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Apr 5 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 8:30 pm at Council Bluffs Recreation Complex. Board members present: Duane Carolus, Ed Tworek, Dave Banghart, Steve Quinn, Bob Knowles, and Dave Dye. Absent: Joe Beninato, Tom Herfordt, and Torri Pantaleon.
  1. 2010 Teams - As of 4/5/10 there are 152 registrations received. For the 2010 Summer season there will be 12 teams in the League. Charlie Marcinek will be the manager for the new team. Based on a 55% favorable response rate in the 2009 survey, the Board discussed splitting the League into two equal divisions. Games would be played within and between divisions. The division champions would then play for the league championship at the end of the season. It was proposed to assign the divisions based on each team’s final position at the end of the 2009 Summer season. Dave Banghart suggested that the divisions be identified as Spirit and Patriot. A motion was made by Dave Dye and second by Bob Knowles: Split the league into two equal divisions. The Spirit division would consist of team’s final standing of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. The Patriot division would consist of team’s final standing of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. The new team for 2010 will be team #12. By a unanimous vote, the motion carried.
  2. 2010 Umpires - Since Nebraska Senior Softball will be playing their 2010 Summer schedule at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex, the Board discussed the possibility of using Council Bluffs umpires as well as Omaha umpires to officiate all their games. Duane Carolus discussed the matter with Tim Turner (head umpire for Council Bluffs) at the practice on April 5. Tim has expressed a desire to have some Council Bluffs umpires be used for NSS. It was proposed to have Kevin Vann acquire 3 Omaha umpires (himself + 2) and assign them to NSS games. Kevin should also communicate with Tim Turner and request 3 umpires from Council Bluffs. This would give us 6 umpires to schedule on a rotating basis for all League games. It was also suggested that Kevin remain in charge of all umpires as he is the most familiar with NSS rules and guidelines. In addition, if possible we should consider inviting some of the umpires to the team practices scheduled for 4/19 & 4/21. Team practice will be set up as scrimmages between teams. The umpires can officiate a few of the scrimmage innings to get comfortable with rules, guidelines, and playing style of NSS. Ed Tworek will communicate these requests to Kevin Vann. Dave Banghart will get the strike zone mats and scoring plates for the practices so the new players can become familiar with their placement and use in NSS.
  3. Draft Advisory Committee - The DAC will be meeting on Tuesday, 4/6 to develop a proposed draft based on the registrations received for the 2010 Summer season. The DAC will then meet with the Managers after practice on Wednesday, 4/7 to present the draft proposal to them for their review. The Managers will have 1 week to review the proposed draft and communicate with Dave Dye and the DAC any requested changes. The 2010 Summer draft is scheduled for Wednesday, 4/14.
  4. Proposed Identification of Board Directors - At a previous meeting it was suggested that the members of the Board of Directors have some sort of identification added to their uniforms to indicate that they are Board members. By request from Duane Carolus, Ed Tworek procured a St. Louis Cardinals hat from Caps Etc. On the side of the cap COMMISSIONER was embroidered. Duane would like to see that all Board of Directors have their team cap embroidered with DIRECTOR or in Torri’s case ASSOC. COMMISSIONER. Steve Quinn requested that the identifier be added to the team shirt (for those who prefer not to wear a hat). The board members present agreed to authorize the purchase of these items for the Board members.
  5. Rule Sliding into Scoring Plate - Posted on the website the current rule reads: The runner must touch the Scoring Plate to record the run. Sliding into the Scoring Plate is prohibited except for unintentional tripping or falling. Violation results in an out. A number of players have made a request to change this rule to allow a player to slide into the Scoring plate if they choose to without being called out. Again the Board has discussed the pros and cons of allowing a player to slide into the Scoring Plate. The rule had been established with NSS to stay in accordance with SSUSA (Senior Softball USA) and SPA (Softball Players Association). A motion was made by Steve Quinn and 2nd by Dave Banghart to continue to prohibit sliding into the Scoring Plate to stay in accordance with SSUSA and SPA. By a unanimous vote, the motion carried.
  6. Late Registrations - If any additional registrations are received, players will be assigned as pool players, and will then be assigned (based on date of receipt of the registration and payment) to a team when a roster slot becomes available.
Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm
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Apr 14 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 8:10 pm at Council Bluffs Recreation Complex. Board members present: Duane Carolus, Ed Tworek, Dave Banghart, Tom Herfordt, and Dave Dye. Also present Managers and Representatives of all 12 teams for the 2010 Summer season. Absent: Joe Beninato, Bob Knowles, Steve Quinn, and Torri Pantaleon.
  1. Duane Carolus opened the meeting with some information for everyone present. Bill Weller’s status for the start of the summer season is questionable at this time. On Friday (4/19) he will be having a medical procedure done. His availability will be unknown until he receives a medical release from his doctor. Tom Herfordt will have contact information for all drafted players. Managers are encouraged to contact their new players by Thursday evening. Rick Kirmis (new player) informed Duane that he will be out of town tonight and Monday. Whoever takes Rick in the draft should try to contact him this weekend. A representative from Caps Etc. was present to take orders for jerseys for the new players. Managers were also encouraged to verify the spelling of their drafted players to be sure it is printed correctly on their jersey. With 150 players registered and a 12th team added, this allows for 6 teams to have 13 players. There will be 3 lottery picks in the middle of the draft. Teams eligible will participate prior to the start of the draft in the lottery draw for picks 17, 18, & 19. The lottery draws in order are Braves, White Sox, & Blue Jays. The other 3 teams drafting up to 13 players are Nationals, Rangers, and Royals.
  2. Dave Dye explained the process in developing the draft for this season. It is primarily based on a value assigned to each team. A team’s value was determined by an excel spreadsheet, the original draft in 2008, and which players they may have lost since the original draft. The Draft Advisory Committee then proceeded to fine tune the draft selection based on the addition of the new team Yankees, and other teams that need their value score brought into alignment with the mean value.
  3. Each Manager was then given the opportunity to respond to the proposed draft sequence and request any additional tweaks. George Scott (Braves) This is a different process than has been used in previous drafts. We will have to see how it works out. Dick Smith (White Sox) He is pleased that there appears to be a better communication with Mangers when establishing the draft sequence set up. Dave Banghart (Phillies) Questions why the Royals (who finished 3rd in the 2009 season) gets a pick before the Phillies (who finished 6th). Dave requests that the Phillies first pick (#24) be moved to a higher position. Jim Price (Marlins) agreed to trade their #22 pick with the Phillies #24 pick. It was also requested to trade the Blue Jays #28 pick with the Phillies #29 pick. Steve Bessey, Blue Jays Manager, did not agree to this trade. A vote was taken by the Managers; by a favorable vote of 8, the Blue Jays #28 and Phillies #29 trade was passed. Don Jewell (Cardinals) He has also questioned why the Cardinals first pick is #15, when 3 teams who finished higher in the standings received picks before his team. Don has requested that the Cardinals first pick be move to a spot in the top 10. Charlie Marcinek (Yankees) agreed to trade his #10 pick with the Cardinals #15 pick. Dennis Steinhauser (Athletics) He is concerned that the Blue Jays receive 3 picks in the top 10 before the Athletics get their first pick at #11. He has requested that the Blue Jays trade their #9 pick for the Athletics #11. Steve Bessey did not agree to this trade. With only 2 mangers voting in favor of this trade it did not pass and the trade did not occur. The 2010 Summer draft proceed with the approved changes to the sequence.
  4. Any new registrations received going forward will be assigned as pool players, and will be assigned to a team when roster openings become available. There are 6 teams with only 12 players and their rosters will be filled first. Assignment of a pool player will be based on receipt date of the registration. It was proposed that it be determined immediately in what order the 6 teams will receive a pool player. Nine managers voted in favor of drawing for those 6 positions immediately. By a random draw, pool players will be assigned to teams in this order (1) Athletics; (2) Yankees; (3) Tigers; (4) Cardinals; (5) Marlins; and (6) Phillies.
  5. Team practices will be scheduled for Monday (4/19) and Wednesday (4/21). By a vote of 11 managers in favor, the practices will be set-up on 3 fields, with 2 teams per field. Practice times will be 6:30 & 7:45. Tom Herfordt will have the practice schedule posted on the website by the end of the week.
Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm
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Jun 8, 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the home Dave Dye. Board members present: Duane Carolus, Dick Smith, Tom Herfordt, Steve Quinn, Ed Tworek, Dave Banghart, Joe Beninato, and Dave Dye.
  1. Senior Softball at the Royals - The date selected is Thursday, July 8. Steve Quinn will purchase 144 tickets (12 per team) initially. We will be able to purchase additional tickets as requested. Just like last year our cost per ticket is $3. They will be sold at $5 each with the proceeds going toward the cost of the fall banquet. This evening at the Royals game will be the same as last year, Nebraska Senior Softball will be recognized at the game, and a registration and information table will be set up at the main entrance. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets should contact their team manager.
  2. Financial Report - Our beginning year balance was $9,200. The current balance with revenue collected is $14,000. Expenses yet to be paid for the current spring season are: $2,900 fields; $2,200 Umpire fees; $200 balls and an estimated cost of $300 for the summer league meeting. The initial 2010 budget was only figured at 11 teams, with the addition of a 12th team for the spring 2010 season we gained some extra revenue. Ed Tworek reported that one of the benefits of playing at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex is we pay as we go, we do not pay when our games are rained out. This also gives us a surplus of approximately $500. Dave Dye suggested that the surplus revenue be used for advertising to recruit new players for our 2010 fall season (something similar to what we did in the spring this year). Steve Quinn suggested that we work with the Royals and do some co-op advertising on the Senior Softball night at the Royals. Ed Tworek suggested that with the additional revenue the board might consider reducing the fall registration fee by $5 and put more money toward the fall banquet costs and reduce the price of those tickets. These were only suggestions for the board’s consideration and no final decision was made at this time.
  3. League Summer Meeting - The total cost for the 2009 summer league meeting was $608. After free will donations were applied, the final cost to the league was $357. The board agreed that the 2010 summer league meeting will be held at Elmwood Park again this year on Tuesday, August 3. The main order of business will be the election of 3 people to the Board of Directors. The term of office for Duane Carolus as Commissioner will end upon completion of the fall banquet in November. He will not be running for re-election so a new Commissioner will need to be elected. Two Directors will also be elected. If Joe Beninato and/or Tom Herfordt wish to continue serving as a Director, they may complete an application form and submit their name as candidates for election to a 3-year term. An updated application form will be available soon on the website for those who are interested in running for election. Charlie Marcinek, Jim Seeber and Ron Hager have been appointed to serve as a nominating committee to solicit applications from individuals to fill these 3 positions which will become effective after the fall banquet in November. There will also be a special election to fill the unexpired term of Associate Commissioner. This election will take place prior to the regular election, will be effective immediately and will be for a 2-year term (the remaining time left on the current term).
  4. Status of Game Ball Inventory - Dick Smith reported that we have 2 dozen balls on hand and will need an additional 2 dozen to complete the season. Decker, our current supplier, is of out of the .44 core balls we use. Dave Dye suggested that the mangers from last year be contacted to see who may still have any on hand from last year. Duane Carolus will be sending out an e-mail to them with the request. Dave Banghart believes that he can acquire the Baden balls from SPA. Dick Smith has researched and reported that he can get 2 dozen balls from Dudley’s (at a little higher cost) to get us through the rest of the season. Ed Tworek made a motion that Dick should do whatever he needs in order to get the additional 2 dozen balls. The motion was second by Dave Dye. The motion carried with a unanimous vote.
  5. Fall 2010 Banquet - Duane Carolus has spoken with Alan Hardt to check with Elk Ridge Village to see if they would be receptive to let us hold our banquet at their facility again this year. Alan reported to Duane that they would in fact be receptive, but we need to firm up a date to be sure the facility was available. Steve Quinn suggested that we also consider Ironwood Golf Course since they are now a public facility. There was some concern about the stability of the establishment. A motion was made by Dave Dye and second by Steve Quinn to return to Elk Ridge Village for the 2010 Fall Banquet. The motion carried with a unanimous vote.
  6. Fall Playing Location - The board proposed that the fall 2010 season would start Aug 9 and end Oct 13. Dave Banghart reported that he has discussed the fall season with the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex. They have confirmed that 2 fields on Monday would be available. However, they cannot make Wednesday nights available as they already have all 4 fields confirmed with double headers. As an alternative they have 2 fields available for Tuesday evenings. There is also a possibility that 2 fields may be available on Thursday evenings, but could not confirm until they finalize their fall co-ed schedules. Fees for the fall season at CBRC would be the same as the spring season ($70/field/day). Metro Omaha Softball proposed that beginning Aug 23 they could provide us 2 fields at Seymour Smith at a cost of $255 per team. We would need to be done with the fall season by Oct 13 as that is when water is shut off at all parks by the city. As in previous years, the fields are also reserved for Sep 13 for a girl’s softball tournament. Since Seymour Smith fields would not be available until Aug 23 we would then have to consider an alternate location for the first 2 weeks of the fall season (most likely NP Dodge Park). Duane Carolus will follow up with MOS about the availability of NP Dodge for the first 2 weeks of the fall season. Dave Banghart will contact CBRC immediately to see how soon they could let us know about the availability of fields for Thursday evenings. It was suggested that the board have a quick meeting in 2 weeks to address this additional information about both facilities so they can make a final decision about the fall playing location. Dave Banghart felt that if CBRC could commit Thursday nights to us right away he would like to commit immediately to them for the fall. A motion was made by Steve Quinn and second by Dick Smith to give Dave Banghart the authority as a League representative to commit Nebraska Senior Softball to CBRC for the fall season if they can confirm availability of 2 fields for Monday and Thursday evenings. The motion carried with a unanimous vote. An additional topic of the playing location was the storage of the scoreboards, scoring plates, and strike zone mats. At this time we are not able to store these items in a locked building at the complex due to a conflict within the Council Bluffs Recreation department. Board members discussed the possibility of purchasing a temporary storage unit to use at the fields. It would be something like a properly sized Rubbermaid cabinet which could possibly be secured close to the fields. Dave Banghart will discuss this matter with CBRC to see if they will make this allowance. Steve Quinn will look at Menards and other locations for a suitable storage unit.
  7. Fall 2010 Registration - A motion was made by Ed Tworek and second by Dave Banghart to set the fall season for Aug 9 thru Oct 13. The motion carried by a unanimous vote. The board then began discussion of when the fall registration period should begin and end. They took in consideration the 2 weeks off between the playing seasons, tryouts for new players, and the fall draft. A motion was made by Steve Quinn and second by Dave Banghart to begin fall registration on Jun 28 and the postmark deadline would be Jul 23 FIRM. Registrations of returning players from spring 2010 received with a postmark later than Jul 23 will be subject to the standard $25 late fee, and the player will be automatically put into the fall draft. By a vote of 7 to 1 the motion passed. An additional motion was made by Steve Quinn and second by Dave Dye that the teams for the fall 2010 season will be based on registrations of current roster players postmarked on or before Jul 23. The motion carried with a unanimous vote.
  8. Division Tie Breakers - Since we now have 2 divisions competing for a division winner and the opportunity to play for the League championship the board thought it best to determine division tie breakers. A motion was made by Ed Tworek and second by Joe Beninato that the tie breakers would be as follows:
    1. Overall winning percentage
    2. Head to Head competition within the Division
    3. Winning percentage within the Division
    4. Average fewest runs allowed, all games - Tom Herfordt will add the runs on the website. (Average since some teams may play more games overall then others depending on rainouts).
    The motion carried with a unanimous vote.
  9. Courtest Runners - Again this has been an issue of discussion amongst the players this season. A thought for discussion would be to amend the current rule that once a player requests a courtesy runner in a game, that player must use a courtesy runner for the remainder of that game. It was agreed by the board members that this is an item for discussion at the summer league meeting. We could consider testing in the fall, and then re-evaluate for spring 2011.
  10. Board Member Items -
    • Dick Smith - Gave an inventory of the current equipment owned by the League; 1 Defibrillator, 2 pitching screens, 2 scoreboards, 2 scoring plates, 2 strike zone mats, 26 practice jerseys, and 2 dozen balls.
    • Ed Tworek - It was noted that during a game this season a player was using an ASA Miken NRG bat. The ASA 2000 logo was no longer visible, and the bat was deemed an illegal bat and removed from that game. It was well noted that this bat had been used in previous seasons and was in fact legal. It is the consensus of the board that if the only reason that a legal bat is questioned because the ASA logo is no longer visible (due to extended years of use), but the brand name can be verified the bat will be allowed in league game play.
    • Dave Banghart - He has reported that he can purchase an upgrade for the scheduling software for $39. The board approved Dave makes the purchase and then is reimbursed. Due to an incident of extremely poor player conduct, it is again noted that it is the responsibility of the team manger to control his players. Board members should also stand up and support the umpires in cases of extremely poor behavior by players.
Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm
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Aug 3, 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 5:45 pm at the Elmwood Park Pavilion. Board members present: Duane Carolus, Dave Banghart, Ed Tworek, Joe Beninato, Steve Quinn, Dave Dye, Dick Smith, and Tom Herfordt.
  1. Fall Registration - Tom Herfordt reported that we have 124 registrations received, and 2 pending, giving us a total of 126 players for the fall 2010 season. A motion was made by Dave Dye and 2nd by Steve Quinn to go with 10 teams. The motion carried unanimously. The Marlins and Yankees had the fewest returning players (4 each). Those two teams will be disbanded for the fall.
  2. Council Bluffs Recreation Complex - Dave Banghart reported that he met with Geoff Hubbard of Council Bluffs Recreation Complex (CBRC) in regards to Nebraska Senior Softball (NSS) returning for the 2011 spring season. There were 3 issues of concern the CBRC had: (1) Earlier in the season there was an incident of disrespect toward the umpire. This issue has since been resolved. (2) Field chalking – specifically the home plate box. Their field crews feel that our specifications require too much extra time and effort on their part to properly chalk the fields. Dave Banghart suggested that NSS consider purchasing a heavy duty outdoor carpet pad in equal dimension of the batter box specifications. We could use that mat in place of having the box chalked out by the grounds crew. CBRC was receptive to this suggestion. They were also receptive to the idea that we provide our own storage locker for our league equipment, with the stipulation that the coloring matches the background of the complex. (3) Availability – This is the most critical issue. CBRC has a significant number of new youth and co-ed teams requesting the use of the complex fields. Geoff will be having a meeting with his upper management at a later date, but it is not looking promising for NSS. Geoff stated that the earliest they could even consider approval of NSS playing at CBRC would be March. This is extremely late in our timeline for setting up the spring season. It appears that their objective will be to cater to their local teams first.
  3. Election Procedure - We have received 5 applications for the open Board positions. Charles Marcinek and Steve Quinn have applied for the Commissioner position. Ron Franck, Chuck Grubb, and Dave Janda have submitted applications for the 2 Director positions. There were no applicants for the Associate Commissioner position. Duane will take floor nominations during the league meeting. Voting ballots have been prepared. The league meeting will start with electing an Associate Commissioner, and the elected person will take office immediately. We will then follow with the election of the Commissioner and 2 Directors (all on 1 voting ballot). Those persons elected will take office following the fall banquet. Applicants running for Director are not running for a specific duty, but to fill the open spots. Director duties are assigned at the discretion of the Commissioner. Although Tom Herfordt will be vacating his position as a Director, the other Board members have agreed to compensate him $500 for managing the website and receipt of registration forms. There was a brief discussion on the matter of the current Board structure. Do we have too many board members? There are currently 9: Commissioner, Associate Commissioner, and 7 Directors. The current cycle allows for the election of 3 positions every year. In the future, the number of Directors needed may be re-evaluated. Steve Quinn also requested that the Board consider sitting Board members not be team managers. There is some perception that managers on the board have a conflict of interest. In the past it has been difficult getting enough people to step up to be managers or board members. This matter may be a subject for a survey to all players during the off season.
  4. Items of Discussion at League Meeting - It is anticipated that a couple items will be brought up during the meeting (1) Courtesy runner; and (2) Full Draft every 2 years. All comments presented tonight will be taken under consideration by the Board, but no decisions will be made tonight.
Meeting adjourned 6:15 pm

League Meeting Elmwood Park Pavilion 7:00 pm Present: Approximately 65 league players representing all 12 teams from the 2010 spring season.

Duane opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the 3rd annual League meeting. This forum allows members of the league to express thoughts and ideas. All will be taken under consideration by the Board; however no decision on these matters will be decided tonight. Those present were asked to provide a free will donation to help offset some of the cost for the rental of the pavilion, food and beverage for tonight’s meeting. The balance of the expenses will be paid out of the league fund. Duane thanked the committee who organized and prepared the food for the meeting: Gary Kruse, Bill Smuck, Jim Price and Norm Bensinger. Also a special thank you went out to Gary’s wife Sally for the baked beans;they were outstanding.
  1. Election of Associate Commissioner - This will be an immediate appointment and hold the office for the remainder of the term (approximately 2 ½ years) vacated by Torri Pantaleon. There were no candidates who submitted an application form for this position. Duane opened the floor for nominations. Gerry Storovich nominated Ron Kunert for Associate Commissioner. Ron accepted the nomination. There were no other floor nominations. To expedite the proceedings, Duane requested a show of hands for all in favor of electing Ron Kunert to position of Associate Commissioner. By a unanimous show of hands, Ron was elected and will take office immediately. Congratulations Ron!
  2. Election of Commissioner & 2 Directors - Candidates elected will begin their term at the conclusion of the fall banquet and hold office for 3 years. Terms ending at that time are Commissioner, Duane Carolus: and Directors, Tom Herfordt and Joe Beninato. Five candidates have submitted applications for election to the Board. Two for Commissioner: Charles Marcinek & Steve Quinn; Three for Director: Ron Franck, Chuck Grubb, and Dave Janda. Duane reminded everyone that other than the Commissioner and Associate Commissioner, candidates are not elected to a specific duty. It is at the discretion of the Commissioner to assign Directors to their responsibilities.
  3. Open Discussion of Current Board Structure - It was asked that if Steve Quinn, who is a current sitting Director, would be elevated to Commissioner by a majority of the votes, would a 3rd Director position be voted on this evening. It has been previously decided by the board that would not be considered at this time, but a matter for the Board to take under consideration at a later date. During his term as a Director, Tom Herfordt has been doing an excellent job of maintaining the website and receiving player registrations forms. This is a job that requires a lot of unseen time and effort. Duane informed everyone that the Board has agreed to compensate Tom $500 for his time. At this time there is no contractual agreement with Tom for the future, but will be consideration for the Board. Bill Riggle proposed that the website manager be changed to a paid position and eliminate the Director position. As the current Commissioner, Duane does not wish to make it a paid consultant position, as a newly elected Director may have the skill sets to take over the duties. It was also discussed that there are too many Directors. The Board currently consists of 9 members: Commissioner, Associate Commissioner, and 7 Directors. It was noted that per the 2007 survey the favorable response was to have only 7 Board members: reduce the Directors to 5. Up to this time, the number of Directors has not been reduced, but is on the table for consideration. Until that time, we will maintain 7 Directors. Bob Kubat noted the importance of maintaining a board of 7-9 members. At times, not all members can attend meetings. Our current number allows us to have a majority quorum at all meetings. Bill Riggle proposed that the number of Board members be put on another survey. If the majority response is to reduce the number, then consider changing a couple of the positions to paid consultants. Bob Kubat proposed that in the future the Board consider online voting by assigning players numbers for such purposes. Duke proposed that the position of web master be a paid position, non-voting and the board should screen applicants skills.
  4. Candidates - Charlie Marcinek and Steve Quinn each were allowed to address those in attendance and tell everyone why they were running for Commissioner, as well as the qualifications and skills they can bring to the position. Duane opened the floor for any additional nominations for Commissioner. There were none. Ron Franck and Dave Janda were also given opportunity to address those in attendance and give their reasons, qualifications, and skills for running for Director. Chuck Grub was unable to attend the meeting, but requested that Paul Kwaak speak on his behalf. Duane opened the floor for any additional nominations for Director. There were none. Voting commenced.
  5. Fall Registration - Duane reported that we have 126 players registered for the fall season. There will be 10 teams. The Marlins and Yankees had the fewest returning players, so those teams will be disbanded for the fall. The players registered for those 2 teams will go into the draft. There were 16 other players who signed up for the fall who are either new players to our league, or played prior to the 2010 spring season.
  6. Report From Draft Asvisory Committee - Dave Dye reported that the Draft Advisory Committee met on Aug 2, 2010 to begin the process of outlining the fall 2010 draft. They were not able to come up with a firm draft sequence because the total number of registration and teams was not yet finalized. They did review how the 2010 spring draft went, and how well things looked throughout the season. Phil Schenck and Dave will be working on a model that will factor in how teams finished in the spring. There will be a brief meeting with the managers after the practice on Monday, Aug 9. The managers will be provided with a proposed draft sequence at that time. They will have a couple days to review, and the draft will be held on Wednesday, Aug 11. Jim Wilmot graciously allowed the use of the MOS office for the draft. Managers will then notify their drafted players by Thursday evening (Aug 12). First games of the fall season will be a double header on Monday, Aug 16 at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex. Dave asked for a show of hands for anyone who opposed to playing the double header, no one opposed. No games for Wednesday, Aug 18. Effective Monday, Aug 23 all games will then be played at Seymour Smith Complex (72nd & Harrison). Two members of the DAC will be stepping down: Phil Schenck & Duke Burgess. Dave and the committee are looking for volunteers. It was suggested that game times be changed back to what they were in previous years: 6:15, 7:30, and 8:45. By a show of hands, the majority agreed.
  7. Election Results - The nomination committee completed the tabulation of the election ballots. It was noted that it was a close vote, and ballots were counted twice. Elected Commissioner: Steve Quinn. Elected Directors: Chuck Grubb & Dave Janda. Congratulations gentlemen! Thank you to the other candidates for showing your interest. Thank you to the nomination committee.
  8. Courtesy Runner - Duane reported that the use of courtesy runners was one of the biggest issues of discussion brought to him during the 2010 spring season. Most felt that the runners were used more for strategy rather than courtesy. The board will most likely have some lengthy discussions regarding the rule prior to the spring 2011 season. Bob Kubat requested that League members be notified when this item will be on the Board’s agenda so that they may have the opportunity to be present and discuss.
  9. Open Floor Discussion -
    • Gary Kruse proposed a Senior Softball tournament sponsored by our league, similar to the ones that our competitive tournament teams participate in throughout the summer. This would generate revenue that would help defer some of the player’s costs for regular league play. He feels that staffing would require only 1 player from each team (but additional volunteers would be appreciated). Local hotels could be contacted for reduced rates and sponsorship fees. Gary volunteered to take charge with organizing. The Board will discuss further to see if this is something the league would like to pursue.
    • Jim Price proposed that managers discuss the 9 player rule. Currently a team can field a defense of 9 and the opposing team must provide the catcher. He would like the rule to be amended to consider using a neutral player(s) as catcher for the teams. The neutral player would play the catcher position only and not bat in the lineup. This would help speed up the game, as well as eliminate any question of credibility to a player’s attempt at making plays.
    • Steve Quinn thanked all who submitted applications for the board election. Members serve only a 3 year term, and elections are held each year. Everyone should be encouraged to try again next year. He also wanted to remind everyone that Nebraska Senior Softball is a self-supporting non-profit organization, and we all should help solicit sponsorships for the league. Joe Beninato reminded everyone that personal donations are not tax deductible, but business sponsorships can be a write off for them.
    • Joe Beninato expressed his appreciation to everyone for their concerns, well wishes and humor while he dealt with his medical issues this spring. He has registered for the fall season and is looking forward to getting back on the field with everyone.
    • Paul Kwaak proposed that since Steve Quinn will be vacating his Director position to take over duties as Commissioner later in the year, the other 2 candidates not voted into office this evening should be considered for filling that open position.
    • Norm Bensinger expressed his concern that in Council Bluff we were not using certified umpires. Duane assured him that all umpires used for our spring season, whether they were from Omaha or Council Bluffs, were in fact certified. Norm proposed that the Board consider using 2 umpires for our league games.
    • Duke Burgess asked about the status for playing at Council Bluffs for the 2011 spring season. At this time it is very doubtful as they have had an explosion of youth and co-ed teams expressing a request to use those facilities. It is felt at this time that Council Bluffs will not be able to support us for our Monday and Wednesday schedule.
    • Del Stokes suggested that we consider making arrangements for one night in Omaha and one night in Council Bluffs. There is concern that this would cause confusion and players would not be at the proper fields on the proper nights.
    • Gary Kruse proposed the Board should consider changing the full draft to a 2 year cycle rather than the current 3 year cycle.
  10. Fall Banquet - Duane reminded everyone that the fall banquet is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 5 at Elk Ridge Village (same location as last year). Alan Hardt and his wife are heading up the planning committee. If you wish to volunteer your help, please contact him. Last year the cost per person was $15 and will most likely stay in that same range. For anyone who is new to the league, or did not attend last year: The meal was 2 entrées and additional side dishes, and was praised by everyone who attended last year. After the meal, everyone is invited to stay for socializing and dancing. Music will be provided by a DJ.
League meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm
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Aug 31, 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm at the Metro Omaha Softball office.
Board members present: Duane Carolus, Ron Kunert, Dave Banghart, Ed Tworek, Steve Quinn, Dick Smith, and Joe Beninato. Absent: Tom Herfordt and Dave Dye. Teams represented: Blue Jays (Duke Burgess); Braves (George Scott); Cardinals (Don Jewell); Nationals (Ed Tworek); Phillies (Dave Banghart); Royals (Bill Smuck); Tigers (Phil Schenck & Gerry Storovich); White Sox (Dick Smith); and Rangers (Chuck Grubb). Not represented: Athletics.
  1. Proposal Fall Test 11th Defensive Player - Dave Banghart proposed that the league consider testing for the fall 2010 season the use of an 11th defensive player. Many of the teams this fall have a 13 player roster. He felt that this would solve some of the manager’s problems in trying to get all 13 players 4 innings in the field. The 11th defensive player would be allowed to play either infield or outfield during the game. During the winter months, Dave plays Senior Softball in Florida and he explained that they use the 11th defensive player in many leagues there, regardless of how many players are on the roster. He stated the games move much faster, and can even play 9 inning games. Those present provided lots of thoughts on the proposal items of discussion were:
    • Advantages - Ease to the managers to give players 4 innings in the field. The 11th defensive player can play either infield or outfield, which would increase the advantage to the defense. The game can move faster, defense can turn more double plays. If using an additional defensive player on the infield or short outfield, may deter hits up the middle, which risk injury to the pitcher.
    • Disadvantages - Decreases the advantage to the offense; reduces the at bats for players. Takes away from those players that are not highly skilled batters, and will reduce their chance of getting on base. Slow pitch is primarily an offense game; if the defense is beefed up, may deter players from joining or staying in the league.
    • Questions - Would a team be required to play the 11th defensive player? If a team does not have 11 players available, would they be allowed to increase their draw to 10 to allow for the additional defensive player? What would be an acceptable length of trial period?
    • Answers - The 11th defensive player would have to be mutually agreed upon by both teams prior to the start of the game. If it is agreed to use, and a team could not field 11 defensive they would be allowed to draw replacements to get them to the 11th defensive player (current rule for catcher would stay in place). The test period could be for any length of time as agreed upon by those teams present at this meeting. However, implementing such a change to the defense mid-season could bring concerns regarding the results of games and final standings. It would be best if the test period was used for a full playing rotation.
    • General Comments - This is not the first season in which teams have had to work with a 13 player roster, but more teams are affected at this time. In the future, consider limiting teams to a maximum 12 player roster. This could possibly result in the refusal of applications after all rosters are filled. This is not a solution to the problem; if we want to grow the league we cannot turn away interested players. Consider reducing the number of innings in the field to 3; but again this is not fair to the players who joined the league to play. Although a tough task, it is possible to manage playing time for 13 players, often it is the team manager who has to sit to give his players their time on the field. Duane called for a vote for the proposal of a test period of the 11th defensive player for the fall 2010 season. Only 1 vote per team present will be counted. In favor 3 and Opposed 6, the proposal did not pass. There is no further discussion on the proposal.
  2. Manager Items -
    • Duke Burgess (Blue Jays) - He requested that in the future when scheduling doubleheaders not to schedule teams playing each other back to back in one night. If a team is short players for a back to back doubleheader game they are at a disadvantage and will most likely not be able to even up the head to head play between the 2 teams.
    • Ed Tworek (Nationals) - Managers need to communicate the updated rule changes to their players. He will be putting together another fun tournament this fall, on Oct 2 at Seymour Smith. Anyone interested in entering a team, or signing up as an individual player should contact him.
    • Phil Schenck (Tigers) - There needs to be clarification on the update to the courtesy runner rule. What is determined as obvious extenuating circumstances? It was agreed upon by all present: If the runner takes 2nd base on their hit, they cannot request a courtesy runner. If the runner is awarded 2nd base on a throwing error, a courtesy runner can be requested and used. A courtesy runner may also be requested after 1st base if an injury occurs during the play. This does not apply for an injury suffered prior to the at bat.
    • George Scott (Braves) - Thanked Dave Banghart for working with Bill Riggle to make the recommended scheduling changes, which removed the byes.
    • Chuck Grubb (Rangers) - Appreciates the League motto of Fun, Fitness, and Fellowship, and believes all members abide by the motto. However, he feels all players in the league play with some level of competiveness and this should not be ignored, nor scaled back.
    • Dick Smith (White Sox) - Did all teams get their game balls for the fall season? He still has 9 left, so is concerned some teams are still in need.
    • Bill Smuck (Royals) - He expressed his appreciation for the discussion at this meeting, is in agreement with Chuck regarding the competiveness within the league and feels that there is great respect amongst all the players.
    • Duane - reminded everyone present that new players coming into the league don’t always know what to expect. It is the responsibility of the managers and board members to act as mentors for these new players and help them become comfortable with the league.
    Team representatives were released at 7:50 pm.
  3. Board Meeting -
    1. Metro Omaha Softball has presented Nebraska Senior Softball an invoice for the 2010 fall season. The rate proposed and invoiced is $255 per team (10 teams) for a total cost of $2,550. A motion was made by Dick Smith and 2nd by Steve Quinn to accept the proposal and pay the invoice total. All board members present voted in favor of the proposal, the motion carried.
    2. Dave Banghart asked if the league would be providing team caps to the new players for the fall. Although this had not been formally discussed at any previous meeting, all members in attendance agreed that new team caps should be provided to new teams members.
    3. Dave Banghart was concerned about the process used to assign the 4 pool players at the games on Monday, Aug 30. The use of the random card draw does not follow any of the procedures established per the draft. He thought teams would be assigned pool players based on guidelines outlined at the draft meeting. Dave Dye was not present to explain the assignment of the pool players.
    4. Board Members present discussed the current policy of giving Memorials in honor of player family members. Ed Tworek reported in the past that memorials were given in memory to spouse ($100) or child ($50). It was discussed if this current policy should stand, or should be updated. Ed made a motion that we continue with the current policy of a Memorial of $100 for spouse of a player, and $50 for child of a player. There was no second to the motion, and it died. Dave Banghart made a motion that NSS should give a $150 Memorial for the spouse of an active player and $100 for the child and parents of an active player. There was no further discussion. Members voted 4 in favor; 1 opposed; and 1 abstention. The motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm
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Nov 8, 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 4:45 pm at Sortinos Pizza. Board members present: Steve Quinn, Ron Kunert, Dave Banghart, Ed Tworek, Dick Smith, Dave Dye, Chuck Grubb and Dave Janda.

Steve Quinn opened the meeting by welcoming the new Board members, Chuck Grubb and Dave Janda. He also wanted to clearly define each Board members responsibility: Dave Banghart - Facilities & Scheduling; Ed Tworek - Finance & Rules; Chuck Grubb - Marketing & Publicity; Dave Dye - Player Personnel; Dick Smith - Equipment & Purchasing; Ron Kunert - Associate Commissioner. Although no longer a member of the Board, Tom Herfordt will be retained on contract to continue to manage the website. It was suggested that Dave Janda could take over the responsibilities of collecting Player registrations.

Steve expressed his overview of the Board of Directors going forward. In the past, the Board was perceived as a secret entity, and many players in the league were not aware who the Board members were. He would like the Board to become more transparent and visible to the entire league. Steve would like to see that a photo of each Board member be added to the website. The Board should work as a team, focused on making decisions that are in the best interest of the entire league, with no personal agenda. He would like to schedule monthly meetings of the Board; and suggested that during the off season meetings be scheduled for the 1st or 2nd Monday of the month. He would also like the meetings to be open to managers (specifically), and players. Meetings would have a set topic for the agenda with an open forum allowing guests a 2 minute time limit to speak. All were in agreement.

Some of the upcoming challenges for the new year will be locking in playing fields for the 2011 season, determining number of teams and roster sizes, and the full draft for the spring of 2011, including ordering new uniforms.

  1. Quorum - Chuck Grubb asked "What constitutes an official quorum for the Board?" Dave Banghart thought this was officially outlined in Board minutes in 2005 or 2006. The current Board of Directors has 8 members, 7 voting. As Commissioner, Steve Quinn abstains from all voting with the exception of a tie. He then would make the deciding vote. A motion was made by Chuck Grubb and 2nd by Ron Kunert that 5 voting members must be present to establish a quorum. By a vote of 7-0 in favor the motion carried. In the future voting results will be published, and minority votes will be identified.

  2. Playing Fields 2011 Season - Steve confirmed that Nebraska Senior Softball will not be returning to the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex for next year. He has been in communication with Bob Knudson of MOS and lobbying for the fields at Seymour Smith. At this time MOS can only discuss the possibility of 2 fields available on Tuesday evenings at Seymour Smith, and there was no indication that fields would be available on Thursday or any other evening. MOS has indicated that the fields at NP Dodge are always available to NSS. We (NSS) are concerned that the flooding from 2010 will still be a factor in the quality of the fields, and another rainy spring/summer could seriously hamper the availability of those fields. He has also been in communication with LaVista Parks and Recreation. His perception is that they would be happy to have Nebraska Senior Softball playing at their fields, and would be willing to work with us for additional tournaments. The overall view of LaVista is that the fields are in great condition, it is centrally located, they have paved parking lots, and their rates appear to be considerably lower than both MOS and CBRC. The fields are shorter, but do have higher fences. However, per his conversations with LaVista, Steve was informed that at this time no fields would be available on Wednesday. They could provide Monday/Tuesday or possibly Monday/Friday or Tuesday/Friday. Dave Banghart said that he also was talking with LaVista (another person), and he was told via e-mail that only Wednesday would be available. Since there seems to be some conflicting information, Steve and Dave will try to schedule a meeting with the appropriate personnel at LaVista Parks and clarify availability.
  3. Courtesy Runner Rule - The Board will review the courtesy runner rule prior to the start of the 2011 spring season. An amendment to the rule was tested during the Fall 2010 where as a courtesy runner could only be inserted at 1st base (the exception was if the runner was awarded 2nd). The overall feeling was that most did not care for this amendment. As a guideline NSS follows ASA rules. ASA has no current rule regarding the courtesy runner at the Senior level. It was suggested to review SPA, SSUSA, and what other senior leagues are using. Ed Tworek has compared our rule to other sanctioning bodies and found that the rule can be much more liberal and vary from region to region. It was suggested that the courtesy runner be a question for the survey. Whatever the majority of favoritism, put in place and hold for the duration of the cycle until the next full draft.
  4. Board Member Items:
    • Chuck Grubb was asked if he had any thoughts for future Marketing. At this time he has a lot of ideas but will wait until the next meeting to present to the Board. Steve has requested that he stay in contact with the personnel of the Royals (or whatever the new team name will be) in Sarpy County to schedule the Nebraska Senior Softball night. The last 2 years we have had positive response and great turn out for this event, and would like to continue. Chuck would also like to address Corporate sponsorships more aggressively. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please contact Chuck directly.
    • Dave Banghart suggested that we consider purchasing mat material to use for the batter’s box rather than relying on field maintenance to chalk out our special dimensions. He provided some samples for review. Things to consider would be cost per field. He also presented some samples of uniform jerseys from Teamworks. Dave is a representative and could acquire at a lower cost for the league. He and Dick Smith will work together to compare costs from suppliers.
    • Dick Smith reported that the awarding of jackets and sweatshirts to the 1st & 2nd place teams for both summer and fall created a significant increase to our costs. He suggested limiting the award to the Championship team only for each season. Discussion and decision of this matter is tabled for a later meeting. Dick also reported that there was an unfavorable reaction to the use of the leather ball. Specifically it gets dirty much easier, doesn’t hold up as well, and costs more. The synthetic covered balls clean up easier and work just as well.
    • Ed Tworek reported that not all expenses for the year end banquet have been turned in yet. He will have an official financial report at the next meeting.
    • Steve Quinn In preparation for the next Board meeting, he has requested that the Board members be prepared to discuss issues for a player survey, thoughts for developing standard rules for the mid season drafts for more balance when having to fill slots on teams, and be prepared to discuss the potential number of teams and roster sizes for the 2011 Spring season.
  5. Next Board Meeting will be held on Monday, December 13, 2010 at 6:30 pm at Pizza Gourmet 12040 McDermott Plaza (off 120th & Giles, just east of Cabela’s). Topics: Playing fields for 2011 season, survey questions, batter’s box material. Chuck Grubb will present Marketing/Publicity ideas.
Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm
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Dec 13, 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm at LaVista Recreation Center. Board members present: Steve Quinn, Ron Kunert, Dave Banghart, Ed Tworek, Dick Smith, Dave Dye, Chuck Grubb and Dave Janda.

Steve Quinn opened the meeting by welcoming the League members who were attending. He explained that if they wished, they would be allowed to provide input with a 2 minute time limit at the end of the meeting. League members are invited and encouraged to attend all posted board meetings. The next scheduled board meeting is Wednesday, January 12, 2011. Time and location to be determined. Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm
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