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Umpire Responsibilities:
The Umpires assigned to work our league games are authorized and required to enforce every section and part of the Official ASA and NSS Rules. Umpires have the power and should use it with discretion, to request a manager, coach or player to do or to omit to do any act, which in their judgment is necessary to give force and effect to all of the Rules, and to inflict necessary penalties. The Umpire’s responsibilities extend to all parts of the field and his duties and jurisdiction encompass all those duties normally covered when more than one Umpire is assigned. While stationing himself behind the catcher, to call balls and strikes, and moving out on batted balls, he may and shall take any position on the field, which will in his judgment enable him to best discharge his various duties. The Umpire also has the responsibility to move the games along as fast as possible, especially minimize wasted time between games and during games, by starting on time and encouraging the players to hustle on and off the field between innings. The Umpire shall reverse no decision, involving his judgment, except if he is convinced he was in error. The best Umpires know and enforce the rules, hustle while covering each play, and handle difficult situations, with ease and diplomacy.

Umpire Accountabilities:
Each umpire’s game performance will be evaluated by NSS team managers and board members randomly throughout the season, and evaluations shall be based on five specific accountabilities: (1) timeliness in moving the game along; (2) knowledge and proper enforcement of current ASA and NSS senior softball rules; (3) making decisive and reliable judgment calls; (4) hustle from the plate to the base(s) and (5) relationships and reactions with managers and players. Current Official NSS Rules will be provided to those umpires who are selected.

Umpires Assigned for Season:

No. Name Email Phone
No. Name Email Phone
1 Mike York (402) 301-5238
2 Regg Carnes (402) 706-9430
3 Jason Manning (971) 645-5714
4 Crystal Cantu (402) 215-3137
No. Name Email Phone
1 Mike York (402) 301-5238
2 Regg Carnes (402) 706-9430
3 Jason Manning (971) 645-5714
4 Dave Aaron not available (402) 612-8384
5 Daniel Dawson (615) 879-1641
6 Randy Boyett (402) 990-3410
No. Name Email Phone
No. Name Email Phone
1 Kevin Vann (402) 250-2450
8 Mike York (402) 301-5238
9 John Rydzynski (402) 490-2006
11 Ben Beede (402) 659-9382
15 Randy Boyett (402) 990-3410
16 Bob Coco not available not available
No. Name Email Phone
1 Kevin Vann (402) 250-2450
8 Mike York (402) 301-5238
9 John Rydzynski (402) 490-2006
11 Ben Beede (402) 659-9382
14 Bruce Thomas (402) 708-2068
15 Randy Boyett (402) 990-3410
No. Name Email Phone
1 Kevin Vann (402) 250-2450
8 Mike York (402) 301-5238
9 John Rydzynski (402) 490-2006
11 Ben Beede (402) 659-9382
12 Chris Hoit (402) 250-5756
14 Bruce Thomas (402) 708-2068
15 Randy Boyett (402) 990-3410
No. Name Email Phone
No. Name Email Phone
1 Kevin Vann (402) 250-2450
5 Tom Rawley not available (402) 554-0448
8 Mike York (402) 301-5238
9 John Rydzynski (402) 490-2006
10 Paul Hamel not available (402) 213-1210
No. Name Email Phone
1 Kevin Vann (402) 250-2450
2 John Patrick not available (402) 305-2627
3 Steve Firmature not available (402) 339-2125
4 Brent Welsch not available (402) 215-4255
5 Tom Rawley not available (402) 554-0448
6 Greg Wilcox not available (402) 453-2086
7 Joe Domet not available (402) 320-5611
No. Name Email Phone

Umpire Game Schedule:

Wed 8/24Crystal CantuRegg Carnes
Mon 8/29Mike YorkJason Manning
Wed 8/31Regg CarnesCrystal Cantu
Wed 9/7Crystal CantuRegg Carnes
Mon 9/12Jason ManningMike York
Wed 9/14Regg CarnesCrystal Cantu
Mon 9/19Mike YorkJason Manning
Wed 9/21Crystal CantuRegg Carnes
Mon 9/26Jason ManningMike York
Wed 9/28Regg Carnes
Mon 10/3Mike YorkJason Manning
Wed 10/5Crystal CantuRegg Carnes
Mon 10/10Jason ManningMike York
Wed 10/12Regg CarnesCrystal Cantu
Mon 10/17Mike YorkJason Manning
Wed 10/19Mike YorkRegg Carnes
Mon 4/25Jason ManningDaniel Dawson
Wed 4/27Daniel DawsonMike York
Mon 5/2Daniel DawsonJason Manning
Wed 5/4Regg CarnesDaniel Dawson
Mon 5/9Daniel DawsonJason Manning
Wed 5/11Mike YorkDaniel Dawson
Mon 5/16Jason ManningDave Aaron
Mon 5/16Mike York
Wed 5/18Regg CarnesMike York
Mon 5/23Daniel DawsonJason Manning
Wed 5/25Regg CarnesMike York
Wed 6/1Mike YorkDaniel Dawson
Mon 6/6Mike YorkJason Manning
Wed 6/8Mike YorkDaniel Dawson
Mon 6/13Daniel DawsonJason Manning
Wed 6/15Mike YorkDaniel Dawson
Mon 6/27Jason ManningMike York
Wed 6/29Mike YorkDaniel Dawson
Wed 7/6Daniel DawsonRegg Carnes
Mon 7/11Mike YorkJason Manning
Wed 7/13Daniel DawsonRegg Carnes
Mon 7/18Mike YorkJason Manning
Wed 7/20Daniel DawsonRegg Carnes
Mon 7/25Mike YorkJason Manning
Wed 7/27Daniel DawsonRegg Carnes
Mon 8/1Mike YorkDaniel Dawson
Wed 8/3Regg CarnesMike York
Mon 8/8Jason ManningDaniel Dawson
Mon 4/27John RydzynskiKevin Vann
Wed 4/29Ben BeedeKevin Vann
Mon 5/4Randy BoyettJohn Rydzynski
Wed 5/6John RydzynskiKevin Vann
Mon 5/11Ben BeedeMike York
Wed 5/13Kevin VannRandy Boyett
Mon 5/18Randy BoyettKevin Vann
Wed 5/20Mike YorkBen Beede
Wed 5/27John RydzynskiBen Beede
Mon 6/1Mike YorkKevin Vann
Wed 6/3Bob CocoBen Beede
Mon 6/8Mike YorkJohn Rydzynski
Wed 6/10Ben BeedeMike York
Mon 6/22Kevin VannBob Coco
Wed 6/24John RydzynskiBen Beede
Mon 6/29Kevin VannJohn Rydzynski
Wed 7/1John RydzynskiMike York
Mon 7/6Mike YorkJohn Rydzynski
Wed 7/8Bob CocoBen Beede
Mon 7/13Kevin VannBob Coco
Wed 7/15Mike YorkKevin Vann
Mon 7/20Bob CocoJohn Rydzynski
Mon 9/8Bruce ThomasKevin Vann
Wed 9/10Randy BoyettMike York
Mon 9/15Ben BeedeBruce Thomas
Wed 9/17Bruce ThomasKevin Vann
Mon 9/22Mike YorkBruce Thomas
Wed 9/24John RydzynskiBen Beede
Mon 9/29Randy BoyettKevin Vann
Mon 4/28John RydzynskiChris Hoit
Wed 4/30Ben BeedeMike York
Mon 5/5Bruce ThomasChris Hoit
Wed 5/7Mike YorkKevin Vann
Mon 5/12Ben BeedeBruce Thomas
Wed 5/14John RydzynskiMike York
Mon 5/19Randy BoyettChris Hoit
Wed 5/21Kevin VannJohn Rydzynski
Wed 5/28Randy BoyettMike York
Mon 6/2Bruce ThomasJohn Rydzynski
Wed 6/4Mike YorkBen Beede
Mon 6/9Kevin VannBruce Thomas
Wed 6/11Ben BeedeMike York
Mon 6/16Bruce ThomasKevin Vann
Wed 6/18Kevin VannJohn Rydzynski
Mon 6/23Randy BoyettMike York
Wed 6/25Mike YorkBen Beede
Mon 6/30Randy BoyettJohn Rydzynski
Mon 8/15Tom RawleyMike York
Wed 8/17John RydzynskiPaul Hamel
Mon 8/22Tom RawleyMike York
Wed 8/24Kevin VannJohn Rydzynski
Mon 8/29Tom RawleyMike York
Wed 8/31Kevin VannPaul Hamel
Wed 9/7Kevin VannTom Rawley
Mon 9/12Kevin VannMike York
Wed 9/14Tom RawleyJohn Rydzynski
Mon 9/19Kevin VannMike York
Wed 9/21Kevin VannJohn Rydzynski
Mon 9/26Kevin VannMike York
Wed 9/28Tom RawleyJohn Rydzynski
Mon 10/3Mike YorkPaul Hamel
Wed 10/5Tom RawleyJohn Rydzynski
Mon 10/10Tom RawleyMike York
Wed 10/12Kevin VannJohn Rydzynski
Mon 10/17Tom RawleyMike York
Mon 5/2Steve FirmatureTom Rawley
Wed 5/4Kevin VannTom Rawley
Mon 5/9John PatrickKevin Vann
Wed 5/11Kevin VannJoe Domet
Mon 5/16John PatrickKevin Vann
Wed 5/18Kevin VannSteve Firmature
Mon 5/23Steve FirmatureKevin Vann
Wed 5/25John PatrickJoe Domet
Wed 6/1Joe DometKevin Vann
Mon 6/6Tom RawleyKevin Vann
Wed 6/8Joe DometGreg Wilcox
Mon 6/13Tom RawleyGreg Wilcox
Wed 6/15Joe DometTom Rawley
Mon 6/20Brent WelschKevin Vann
Wed 6/22Tom RawleyKevin Vann
Mon 6/27Brent WelschKevin Vann
Wed 6/29Brent WelschKevin Vann
Wed 7/6Kevin VannJoe Domet
Mon 7/11Kevin VannTom Rawley
Wed 7/13Kevin VannJoe Domet
Mon 7/18Kevin VannBrent Welsch
Wed 7/20Kevin VannBrent Welsch
Mon 7/25Kevin VannBrent Welsch
Wed 7/27Kevin VannBrent Welsch