2012 Registration Form

Returning Players

Returning Player Information

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Game Commitment.  For managerial planning purposes, how many games can you commit to during the course of the season?

Player Liability Release and Electronic Signature

I voluntarily, of my own free will, elect to participate in the Nebraska Senior Softball League Fall season (to include pre-season training) during 2012.  I understand and accept there are risks and hazards associated with softball that may result in injury, or death, due to weather, playing conditions, equipment, and other participants.

My conduct, both on and off the field, will be positive and professional.  I agree to 1) abide by the Policies, Guidelines, and rules of the NSS league; 2) assist, when needed, in performing assigned duties in connection with league operations; 3) accept the decisions of the team manager, umpires, and NSS board of directors in good sportsmanship; 4) neither taunt nor degrade an opponent, teammate, or umpire; 5) avoid body contact that may result in injury to others; 6) never direct abusive or profane language at officials or opponents; 7) exercise control over family members and friends as they relate to points 3, 4, and 6 above; and 8) not commit any act that would be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.

My electronic concurrence and signature below serves as my acknowledgement and understanding of the risks, rules, and policies of the Nebraska Senior Softball league and that all information provided by me is true and rendered in good faith.

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