Pictures from Nebraska Senior Softball

Nebraska Senior Softball

fun, fitness, and fellowship

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Rainout # :
(402) 697-7756
(after 3:30 pm)


Executive Staff

[org_chart id='1' width='100' height='200']
[org_chart_item id='1' title='Commissioner' content='Commissioner' hover='Ron Kunert']
[org_chart_item id='1' title='League Secretary' content='League Secretary' hover='Roberta Steinhauser']

Board of Directors

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[org_chart_item id='2' title='Field Operations' content='Field Operations' hover='Jim Price']
[org_chart_item id='2' title='Field Scheduling' content='Field Scheduling' hover='Dennis Steinhauser']
[org_chart_item id='2' title='Finance & Registration' content='Finance & Registration' hover='Mert Opfer']
[org_chart_item id='2' title='Marketing, Publicity, & Communications' content='Marketing, Publicity, & Communications' hover='Chuck Grubb']
[org_chart_item id='2' title='Player Personnel' content='Player Personnel' hover='Duke Burgess']
[org_chart_item id='2' title='Purchasing & Inventory' content='Purchasing & Inventory' hover='Ron Franck']
[org_chart_item id='2' title='Rules & Umpires' content='Rules & Umpires' hover='Greg West']