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Manager of the Year

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This award honors the leader of one of our NSS teams for contributions made to his or her squad during the course of the season.

The Manager of the Year is not necessarily the one who posts a specific win/loss percentage.

This manager has several characteristics to include:

* Readiness for each game. Preparing lineups, utilizing players in a fair and equitable manner, ensuring softballs are available, and checking to ensure bats and other equipment meet ASA and NSS specifications.

* High level of communication. The manager informs his or her players of game times, important league information, and is available to answer questions or provide guidance or clarification.

In addition, communication includes keeping the NSS Board of Directors informed of player issues that may include injuries, discipline, rules violations, and champions the cause of their players, when necessary.

* Performance. This manager may or may not have the best record in the league but they get the most from their players regardless of talent level. Their team plays hard, plays fair, and competes at a level reflecting a best effort and true sportsmanship.

* Respect for the Game. The Manager of the Year reflects all of the attributes and conduct specified on the league registration form. They hold in high regard, the opposing manager, the umpires, and other players.

click here to see all Manager of the Year Award recipients