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10 Min Workout

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10 Min Workout

10 min workout

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10 Min Workout

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LEAGUE PLAY: The 2014 Spring/Summer season is tentatively scheduled to start in late April and will continue through late July/early August. Regular season games will be played on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the LaVista Sports Complex, 7346 S 66th St in LaVista, Nebraska (approximately 2 blocks south of 66th and Harrison street).

AGE QUALIFICATIONS: A player must become at least 50 years of age during the current calendar year to be eligible to play in the Nebraska Senior Softball League. The age a player attains on his or her birthday in any particular year will be considered to be his or her age for that entire calendar year. New players joining the league will be required to show proof of their age to a League Officer with either a driver’s license or birth certificate.

PLAYING QUALIFICATIONS: With primary concerns for (1) player safety, (2) competitiveness and (3) the integrity of the game, all player candidates should carefully consider their physical capabilities and skills prior to registering and playing softball.

TEAM STRUCTURE: NSS attempts to maintain parity across all teams within the league by assessing player skills while still allowing team managers reasonable flexibility in selecting players for their roster. Each team will consist of a mixture of players of various skill levels and ages. To prevent having dominant teams in the league, no pre-selected teams will be accepted.

NEW PLAYERS: All new players to NSS will be evaluated based upon the qualification skill standards listed in Section II Paragraph 2 of the NSS rule book. New 2014 participants will be tested on hitting, running, throwing and fielding abilities during practice sessions prior to the official start of league play. ALL new players must attend at least ONE of these practice sessions.

POOL PLAYERS: Any player whose registration is received after the Spring/Summer registration deadline will be placed in a player pool and assigned to a team, if an opening becomes available, by the Director of Player Personnel. Pool players are not guaranteed a permanent team assignment as openings will be based upon the gaining/losing player skill level and other factors.

PLAYER DRAFT SYSTEM: 2014 marks a new draft season. All players (returning and new) will be drafted by pre-selected managers at a closed session meeting to be held prior to the start of league play. The draft is monitored by the NSS Board of Directors to ensure a fair and equitable process. The number of teams and roster size will be determined upon the conclusion of registrations for the season.

No later than 48 hours after the conclusion of the player draft, team managers will be allowed to trade up to three newly drafted players from their team to other teams, if the respective managers involved are in agreement. All players will be notified of their team assignment by phone or e-mail.

SENIOR SOFTBALL RULES: Special senior softball rules will be in effect, including use of a run scoring plate (in addition to the normal home plate) and a double first base (to prevent collisions and injuries), a turf batting mat, strike zone mat, courtesy base runners, all players in the batting line-up, and a run scoring maximum per inning, to promote a safe, enjoyable and competitive game for all participants. The current version of the major rules of senior softball is available in our League Rules and Guidelines. All players/participants are responsible for being familiar with the rules.

PLAYER REGISTRATION FEES AND DEADLINES: In order to cover the cost of lights and maintaining our playing facilities, official umpires, balls, equipment, major league caps, liability insurance and administrative expenses; a Player Registration Fee must accompany each registration. We will accept registrations without immediate payment but balance is due before you will be allowed to practice and/or play. Player fees for the 2014 season are to be determined.

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