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Frank Parker

Frank Parker

Frank Parker

The Director of Rules and Umpires oversees and maintains the Rules and Guidelines of the league and the management of umpires designated for each NSS season.

Primary responsibilities related to the Rules and Guidelines are to ensure the currency and enforcement of all rules pertinent to league play as designated by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) rulebook for senior play and, most importantly, the supplemental rules authorized by Nebraska Senior Softball. The Director ensures any proposals or requests for new or modified rules are presented to the Board of Directors for approval prior to implementation. This position is responsible for up-to-date maintenance of the Rules and Guidelines as posted on the NSS website and other printed documentation.

The Director should be versed in the rules and guidelines of the league and be the primary point-of-contact for disputes requiring immediate resolution.

In addition, the Director of Rules and Umpires ensures the proper recruitment, training, scheduling, evaluation, and termination of all league umpires prior to their assignment to any regular or post-season games. The Director’s objective is to ensure each umpire is knowledgeable of the rules established for Nebraska Senior Softball and enforces these rules in a fair and equitable manner. This person will maintain the Umpires page on the NSS website that includes, at a minimum, names and contact information of each umpire.

The Director appoints an Umpire-In-Charge to assist with the tasks listed above and who is responsible for the scheduling or assignment of umpires for each league play date.

Reporting directly to the NSS Commissioner, the Director of Rules and Umpires consults with the Executive Board prior to making any decisions that involve the discipline or termination of any umpire, changes to existing rules, or the addition of new rules.

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