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Marketing, Publicity, & Communications

Gary Kruse

Gary Kruse

The Director of Marketing, Publicity, and Communications spearheads efforts at ensuring the league remains viable and sustainable. Primary duties and responsibilities include promoting the league within the immediate geographical area in order to foster growth and nationally, to showcase the Nebraska Senior Softball (NSS) league and the sport of softball. The role includes establishing and maintaining relationships with local public figures, media, businesses, and other entities beneficial to the health of the league.

This position is responsible for providing timely and relevant communications, primarily via email and through the effective management of the ‘League News’ section of the website. These communications should contain information that includes (but is not limited to) meetings, events, announcements, and other details that have broad appeal and interest.

In addition to the primary functions of the role, the Director, Marketing, Publicity, and Communications manages the Corporate Partnership program and ensures agreed upon services, advertisement, and/or social events are carried out promptly and as promised in exchange for monetary contributions. Tertiary duties include contributing to the success of social events beneficial to the league membership such as picnics, parades, Night Out with the Stormchasers, and other meaningful programs.

The Director has the authority to recruit and oversee the creation of committees to manage or contribute to the success of the Marketing and Publicity strategy.

Reporting directly to the NSS Commissioner, the Director of Marketing, Publicity, and Communications consults with the Executive Board before making any decisions or making any commitments impacting league finances or budget and includes all voting members on correspondence and communication directly related to the role.

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