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NE Senior Softball Web Site User Hints


The primary menu for navigating the web site is titled “Look Around”. The top link there is “Who We Are“, which gives a brief description of our league and serves as our site’s home page, or “landing page”.  It also contains the Commish Corner, where content is provided by the League Commissioner. The following gives some hints for using a few of the pages listed in the Look Around menu.


This page contains the latest seasonal league information.  It describes the current or upcoming season, its important dates, registration fees, and league structure.  This page is updated for each season to keep current as dates and fees change from year to year.  Each player in the league or prospective player should read through this information when its time to register for each season.


The Organization page identifies all of our league officers with a link to a page for each of our executive and director-level positions. The content for each of these pages is controlled by the responsible director and can be edited by them directly.

Current Games:

This page lists the scheduled games for the current play date.  The current play date will be the current date, if it is a scheduled day of league play, or the date of the next game night if the current day is not a day of play.  This page provides quick access for players to check the schedule for their next game.  There is also a score column where winning team managers, when logged in, can click a link to add their scores once the game is over.  This can easily be done at the field using a smart phone or tablet since this page is one of those accessible and formatted for those devices.  In fact, this is the default landing page for the site when accessed by those devices.

Season at a Glance:

This page provides a matrix view of how each team has performed against each other team with their head-to-head win-loss record in each cell of the matrix.  The matrix lists the teams across the top and down the side organized by divisions and ordered by the current standings within each division.  Hover your mouse over each team’s logo to see their current stats, including win-loss record (overall and divisional), games-back, and total runs (scored, against, and diff).  Hover your mouse over each head-to-head win-loss record to see their game scores.  Clicking on a team’s logo will take you to the team’s games page that shows their schedule for the season with scores of their completed games.

League News:

This page will list news items as they happen chronologically. This means they are only really “news” for a brief period, but they will stay on the page until purged (probably at the end of the season).

Managers Information:

This page contains links to information that team managers need to know, like the league rules and guidelines document and a description of manager responsibilities.


This page displays a list of teams in order of the current standings. There is a season filter drop-down menu to select which season you’re looking for which defaults to the current or latest season. If the selected season has or had multiple divisions, these will be displayed in separate lists. Each team list will include the following columns:

  • Division – identifies the division the team is in;
  • Team Name – displays the name of the team as a link that takes you to a page with the team’s list of scheduled games for that season; this column also has a ball player icon that is a link to the team’s roster (the roster is simply the Players page described above that is pre-filtered for that team);
  • Manager – displays the manager’s name – click on the manger’s name to get a pop-up window with his player info baseball card;
  • W-L (and DIV WL) – shows the team’s won-loss record (and win percentage in parentheses) based on the currently reported scores, keep in mind that scores don’t always get reported to the web site immediately after games finish;
  • GB – shows the number of games back the team is from the leader (within in the division, if applicable).
  • RS – total runs scored
  • RA – total runs scored against
  • DIFF – RS minus RA

There is a link just below the season filter drop-down menu that takes you to a page that is formatted for easy printing.  This page is also accessible more directly from smart phones or tablets from the main menu using the NE Senior Softball Standings link.

Tournament Teams:

This page displays identifies the age-bracketed tournament teams that are populated by league players.  There is a menu bar with a button for each team that takes you to that team’s page where their photos and accomplishments are on display. 


This page displays the web site’s calendar of games and other events. It starts in month-display format, but you can change it to a week-display or even a day-display using the links in brackets in the upper right. You can also click on the day of the month number in the upper right corner of each day cell to change to the day-display for that day. Hover your mouse over an event in the calendar (month-display only) to see a floating display with event details that are easier to read. Clicking on some events (not games) will take you to the event’s page with more details. Regardless of which display format you are in (month, week, day), you can use the right and left pointing chevrons in the upper corners to advance to the next period or move back to the previous period.


This page displays a list of registered players that are in the site’s database for a given season. You can use the team filter (drop-down selection menus) to pick the team of interest. If you select a specific team, the list displayed is the current roster for that team. Team managers are highlighted with a yellow background and players with an asterisk (*) to the left of their name are members of the “Juiced-Bat” club since they are old enough to play without bat restrictions. You can click on a player’s name to get the player’s info along with a photograph if one has been submitted for the site. This information will be displayed in a pop-up with the appearance of a baseball card (front side and back side). In the upper-right corner of the card, there is a player serial number in parentheses. When viewing one of these baseball card pop-ups, you can use the right and left facing chevrons in the lower corners to advance to the previous or next player in the current list being viewed. If your photograph does not appear on your player information card, you can send an electronic copy of your favorite head shot to the web master to be uploaded to the site.

Click “Register” in upper right to create a web site account: As a player with a web site account, you can edit your own personal information if you have have logged in. After logging in, if you navigate to the Players page and click on your name to see your pop-up baseball card, you should see an “[Edit]” link at the bottom of the stats side of the card (the right side). Clicking on that link will enable editing of the data fields so that you can update your contact and other information yourself. In order to see the “Edit” link on your player card, you must be logged in and the email address of your user account must match the email address that you specified when you registered with the league (i.e., the one shown on your card). If you make a change on your card, don’t forget to click the “Save” button before you leave the page. If you mistakenly change something in error, click the “Cancel” button without clicking “Save” and all is forgotten. If you have trouble logging in or updating your player information, please email the web master.

Board Meetings:

This page displays a list of official board meeting documents that have been uploaded to the site by board members and/or the league secretary.  The documents are listed by year and include all of our archives.  Since 2011, these documents have been stored in PDF format for ease of downloading and reviewing using a PDF reader (Acrobat Reader).  Prior to 2011, the meeting minutes were transposed onto web pages which are still accessible using the links at the bottom of the page under “Older Meeting Minutes”.  There is a mechanism on this page to upload files to be included in the list, but this action is password-protected to limit this page to official documents only.


The Games page is not listed in the Look Around menu, because its value is in the context of a particular team. So, it is accessed by clicking on a team name on the Teams page. This page displays a list of scheduled games for the selected team. The list shows When the game was/will be played, the Home team, the Visitor team, which Field number, and, if it has been played, the reported results of the game. The selected team’s logo will be highlighted with a yellow background in the Home or Visitor column.

Score Keeping

Team managers will be responsible for updating the scores in the league database using the web site.  I suggest that it primarily be the responsibility of the winning team’s manager to enter the game score.

In order to do this, all team managers must be registered with a login account on the web site.  Once you have created your account, it will be updated to enable you to enter scores.  If you are a team manager, please find the time to register so you can enter scores.

If you are logged in, and you navigate to your team’s game list, you will see an “add” link in the Score column after the scheduled game time has passed.  Only those of you with the proper privilege will see the link, and it only shows up when the game time is in the past.  In addition to the runs scored for each team, there is a Notes field in which you can enter a brief comment for display in the Games page if it makes sense.  Comments/notes will not be common, but could be used for things like “called for time”, “rained out”, “called for lightning”, etc.

To enter scores from a computer: (EASY)

  1. Navigate to in your computer’s web browser, lands on Who We Are page
  2. Login to the site
  3. click on Teams in the “Look Around” menu to get the list of teams
  4. click on your team name in the Teams list to get your list of games
  5. find a game that has been played and click the “add” link under the Score column
  6. a screen is displayed where you enter the scores (and comment if necessary) and click Update button

To enter scores from a mobile device (even at the field!!): (EASIER)

  1. Navigate to in your device’s web browser, lands on Current Games page
  2. Login by touching “Login” next to the main “Menu” tab when the menu is expanded
  3. touch on Teams in the site menu to get the list of teams
  4. touch on your team name in the Teams list to get your list of games
  5. find a game that has been played and touch the “add” link under the Score column
  6. a screen is displayed where you enter the scores (and comment if necessary) and touch Update button

To enter scores from a mobile device on game night: (EASIEST!)

  1. Navigate to in your device’s web browser, lands on Current Games page
  2. Login by touching “Login” next to the main “Menu” tab when the menu is expanded
  3. touch the “add” link under the Score column of your game
  4. a screen is displayed where you enter the scores (and comment if necessary) and touch Update button