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Nebraska Senior Softball

fun, fitness, and fellowship

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NE-IA Morning League

We have 54 players consisting of four teams (Orioles, Red Sox, Royals and Yankees) each with 12 rosters players, plus six pool players available to fill in. We have established an 18 game schedule with each team playing the other three teams six times with our regular season ending Friday, September 26, when the league championship team will be crowned.

Weather permitting, we plan to conclude our 2014 season by playing a Senior Softball World Series double elimination tournament on Fridays, October 3rd and 10th.

Our guys and gals have been very enthused and energetic playing in the mornings and truly enjoy the fun, fitness and fellowship together. We play our games at 9 and 10:30 AM which enables each team to take a 10-15 minute batting practice prior to the start of our seven inning games. We are now half-way through our 18 game Morning League Schedule. The Orioles have their act together and are persistently pulling away from from the other three teams!

League Schedule and Standings

Team Rosters for each team and Pool Players